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As a union-signatory contracting firm, Burien-based Ahora Construction, is known for its outstanding safety standards and quality workmanship. We take pride in being a minority-owned business and make it a priority to create an inclusive workplace for all the craftspeople and administrative leaders we employ.

Ahora constructs a variety of building types, including:

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel
  • Interior tenant improvements
  • Research and laboratory
  • Residential
  • Retail and restaurant
  • Special projects
  • High-rise multi-family

Mission Statement

Ahora fosters leaders and delivers an exceptional experience to clients and our community.


Quality and efficient framing projects

Drywall and Finishes

Sleek and seamless finishing services


Premier interior and exterior painting

Metal framing at Children’s Hospital Odessa Brown Clinic with Absher Construction

Our experienced foreman and skilled carpenters come to each job with a full understanding of floor plans and elevation to construct detailed floor and wall layouts. With a deep understanding of how specific tools make framing projects more efficient, our team consistently delivers timely and excellent work. Through the use of aviation snips, swivel head electric shears, magnetic level and lasers, screw guns, chop saws, clamps, and power and powder-actuated tools to fasten concrete and steel beams, Ahora delivers on its promise to deliver a quality finished product.


Stringing tape at Children’s Hospital Odessa Brown Clinic with Absher Construction.

An exceptional finishing job is essential for a perfect paint job. Our skilled drywall finishers seal joints, repair cracks, smooth out any imperfections on walls or ceilings and can deliver level one through five drywall finishing levels. Using state of the art equipment we shorten install time, promote safe practices and ensure a quality product in preparation for painting.

Painting at our Seattle Housing Authority Fire Restoration Project with Burton Construction.

We have built a strong relationship with our paint supplier to ensure our clients are happy with the color and finish of our paint jobs. First sanding, scraping and removing any old paint, our experienced painters prepare walls and other surfaces for painting before applying coats of paint. This paint is blended to achieve the perfect color and texture. We use paint sprayers, rollers and brushes to paint surfaces evenly and achieve a professional aesthetic.


  • Ahora has successfully performed and is currently performing the framing, drywall, and ceilings packages for the phased seismic improvements at the University of Washington. We were introduced to Ahora at a NAMC event and were excited to have them bid and be successfully awarded the first phase of the project as well as participate in Clark’s Strategic Partnership Program. Ahora’s commitment to project goals and teamwork is my favorite part of working with them; they are willing to roll their sleeves up, explore options to mitigate project challenges and do what it takes to get the job done with us.



    KK Clark, Project Executive
  • We worked with Ahora Construction at the UW Seismic Improvement Project Phase 1 and Phase 2. Ahora’s team is efficient, proactive, easy to work with and always ready to creatively solve problems. Performing framing, drywall and ceiling install scopes of work in existing buildings comes with it’s own challenges, which they were able to surpass. They have worked through hoops and bounds to deliver work that met the tight schedule and quality standards. We loved to work with this dynamic team and look forward to working with them on many more projects.

    Geeta Kudalkar, Project Manager
    Clark Construction Group, Seattle WA
  • Ahora enthusiastically hit the ground running, setting the tone for the project. Jimmy Jr. and his team have been communicative, responsive and thorough in their understanding of the highly detailed work they are performing onsite. Our Ahora crew has sustained zero recordable injuries over 1,000 hours worked onsite, is in full compliance with our safety and COVID protocols, and keeps a clean and professional working area. So far we’ve enjoyed working with the Ahora team and look forward to the next several months of partnership on this project.

    From the Absher project team on the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic project:

    Ahora Construction is performing some of the key scopes on the new OBCC clinic T.I. at Othello Square, including:

    • Non-structural metal stud framing of two floors with ceiling heights exceeding 17’-0”
    • Drywall installation, including Level 5 Finish and acoustical caulking
    • Custom radius soffits, walls and drop could ceilings
    Keara Flynn
    Project Manager


Delivering excellence is not just something we aim for. We’ve made it our mission.


From building to billing, we commit to centering client satisfaction in everything we do.


 We deliver quality craftsmanship through the best materials, new technologies and a skilled workforce.

Hear from our Team

Check out our 3D Tour of our project with Absher

Children’s Hospital Odessa Brown Clinic

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